How to choose a genre for your blog: Steps I used to choose mine!

Ever want to start a blog, but not sure where to start? You can get your website up, your domain, the title of your blog, and a great theme to go along with it. What are we missing? Oh yes…a genre. What are you going to be writing about? Nobody wants to sit down and read a blog with 1,000 different topics, they want to go to a blog where they know they can find valuable information in the topic they are curious about. So, how do we narrow down what you want to write about a whole lot?

What do you like to do?

Things of things like…are you in school? College? What is your major? Are you minoring in anything? Have any certificates? Do you enjoy dogs or cats more, want to make a blog comparing the two and give tips on how to love and care for each anyway? Something so simple, but imagine how many people would go on your page to find the best food to feel their animals? Or maybe they are looking for cheap cat toys, and you found a great website to find them and they find that through you. That’s an ad click or two, which, if you didn’t know, make you money the quickest. (If you are advertising or using something like Google Adsense).

Find your hobby! Make it your topic!

How about hobbies? Do you enjoy hiking? Photography? Modeling? Writing would be a good one, since blogging requires…quite a lot of it. Even if you are not a good writer, maybe you are a good researcher. Finding things like I mentioned above, cat toys, pet food, good sites to cite for college or high school classes that require citable research, or maybe you know a great way to make money and you have some hidden secrets you would like to share with the world…there is always something out there that people are going to want to read.

Now, go for it!

So, first, pick your subject. Find a good website, I personally enjoy WordPress or Weebly, you could then get a domain straight from them or go through somebody like, either way, it is whatever is within your budget. You could even start writing in Microsoft Word, and jot down ideas, take notes, and get a few blog articles written before you publish your website for the first time.

For instance…I am writing this blog right now, my domain is up but, my website is not paid for yet. I am saving up money, so when I publish my website, I can make sure to have enough articles for my blog so I do not look like a newbie! Now that you have your beginner tips…go for it! Start a blog, you make a lot of money, you get to stay home while you make that money, and you get to write about things that you care about or just have a joy in learning more about. Go for it, give it a try. Who knows, it could be the best thing to ever happen to you!

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