I enjoy reading books, but I have a busy lifestyle…what is my best option?

I love going to the library and picking out a nice book, the smell and the feel of a book gives me such a sophisticated feeling. When I am out of the house though, whether I am in a waiting room waiting for an appointment, sipping a coffee in a cafe, or just going to the park to bask in the sun on a nice day, I don’t always remember my book. This gets very upsetting, since I like books with cliffhangers and I am always curious about what is happening next, sometimes I even leave in the middle of a page because I am in a hurry to get where I am going. My solution? Kindle Unlimited…I’ve searched so many other ways to read books on the go when I forget my books at home, and Kindle Unlimited has saved me. Its cheap, it’s literally the same price as my Pandora subscription, which has also saved me, because when I am in a groove, commercials really get on my last nerve.

I know what you are thinking…here is another blog to sell something to somebody. That is not why I am writing this though, I am writing this because this has been a savior in my life and I know so many people who say “I wish I could read, but I am too busy to sit down with a book”. You don’t have too! Go to the bathroom, take a 5 minute break at work, read on your lunch break, it is so easy. Take out your phone, load the app (which loads in like 10 seconds or less, and it takes you straight to the page you left off at) and read a few pages. Keep your brain stimulated and active, and keep your creativity flowing no matter where you are. I know some of you, or most of you already know about Kindle Unlimited, I mean, who doesn’t know all of what Amazon has to offer right?

I however, crave reviews. I do not buy anything without looking at the reviews, because those 5 people who got a scam product are the ones that only show up when you click on the “show me the 1 star reviews” tab. People like to hide the negativity in their products and memberships, but so far, I have nothing bad to say about Kindle Unlimited.

Pros about Kindle Unlimited

  • You get first picks of FREE books every few days to a week.
  • You can keep them downloaded on your phone in your book library for as long as you need to finish your book.
  • You return books when you are done, and choose another one same day. No hassle of leaving your home, no return fees, and thousands of free books to choose from.
  • There are thousands of FREE books to choose from!!!
  • The app only takes up a total of 329MB on my phone.
  • You can choose the size that the book is in, the color of the background, the font, the margins, the line spacing, and the alignment…also the system brightness.
  • You can take notes during the book, in case you were reading something educational or using a book for ideas.
  • You can bookmark your page, so even if you go to other books or your phone dies in the middle of something, you can make sure you get to your same page.
  • You can highlight a word you do not know, and it will tell you the definition.
  • You can get free trials, and some Kindle memberships come free when you have amazon prime, in case you didn’t know. Get the trial here —-> https://amzn.to/30RZOYA
  • You get a discount for being a student…here you go https://amzn.to/2Rs9S7R
  • There are offers to get cheaper discounts for Prime too, like if you have an EBT card or you are getting other government assistance (check below banner!)
  • It’s cheap! Get it here —-> https://amzn.to/36tsc4s

Cons about Kindle Unlimited

I mean, yeah you have to pay for it. But it really is worth it. To me anyway, nobody is forcing you to read on the go, it is just convenient.

Also, I sell my own books (kids books and poems at the moment) if you wanted to take a look. I am still new in the Amazon book department, but I hope to get better! https://amzn.to/2O2ppJm

It is, in the end, up to you to decide. I have not regretted it once, sometimes I forget I have it, but then I remember and I’m like “Hey, I could be reading a book right now.” Plus, I always have many options to choose from…you never have to pay for a book again if you know where to look.

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