Photography Tips – Using Fabric for Effects

When using my camera inside, the lighting is either too yellow, too dark, too bright, and very…fake looking. Also, do you want every photo to look the same? Do you enjoy cool effects and something that makes your photo POP? Here are some items I used to get these fun photos…

  • Flashlight, phone flashlight works too
  • Fabrics (Walmart, other craft store…Amazon —> )
  • Camera (Nikon D800 with 16-35mm lens, macro lens)
  • Tripod
  • Tin Foil (or reflector if you have one!)
  • The sun works for some of these, but a flashlight works for others. Sun is better for portrait photography though, unless you have professional lighting, florescent lighting can make subjects look yellow. (If it is dark, you can try in the morning too)

I could always use a reflector to reflect the sunlight from outside onto the object or person I am trying to capture, that always works fantastic. It also gives the object interesting shadows and highlights, depending on the objects outside the window as well. Trees will show branches on a face through the window, and blinds will show horizontal lines on your subject, which always looks cool!

If you don’t have a reflector…use tin foil! Does the same thing, and you can get a whole roll of it at Dollar Tree for just a dollar! Just place it under your near your subject (wherever you want the most light) and bam! You brought the sun to your home.

Now, that is an easy tip…if you want to get really creative, head to your local Walmart or any other store that sells fabrics (I use Walmart because there is a discount section of cut up, leftover fabric for under a dollar). Look for fabric like this…..

Fabric for cheap

Now, with the fabrics I found, pink, white, red…thought maybe it would be cool to place over a subject, or maybe put over the lens of my camera in a bright setting? Let me try it out…and I will show you my results.

Here are some examples of the work I did recently.

I used the blue fabric for this one. Placed it in front of the lens and it gave a really cool hint of blue throughout the whole photo.
This one you can see the white fabric on one side, and just lightly on the other side. Gave great lighting since the color was light and I only put over a thin piece of fabric on one side.
The same fabric but with some darker editing, it gives it a really cool effect of dark and light.

Just like that, you have some interesting photos. The ones above, creepy, but there is something about the blur and the lighting that really makes the photos pop, to me anyway. Well, good luck and check out my other blog posts for more photography tips!

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