Trippy camera effects – tips

Ever have a pair of kaleidoscope glasses? Or use a kaleidoscope ever before? Putting that over your camera lens (camera on your phone works too!) makes for some AWESOME photos. Simply putting it in front of your camera and photographing it on the ceiling is cool, or putting it over your lens and putting a subject (object or person) in front of it, could get some really creative photos. Keep in mind though, it is hard to see what the subject actually is, so if you are using a person, try parts modeling with them or focusing on one thing to get the best photos.

Trippy effects are fun when paired with parts modeling. By parts modeling I mean…only photographing the close up of the face, maybe the lips and nose only, the lips and the neck, the collar bone and upper breast (if a female, but male chest could work too), you could photograph a hand on the chest, something that is pretty, blank (all skin is blank unless tattooed), but anything that would be too much (like tattoos) I would stay away from when using the kaleidoscope. You never want too much noise in your photographs because people tend to get confused and not know what to look at.

Ceiling fan…my legs on a dresser….a cat.

Ever use a prism or something similar? That can create really cool effects in a camera, especially paired with a light of some kind. I like to set my camera up on a tripod, hold the prism, shine the light threw it, and find the perfect position for it. The tripod is necessary for me personally, because I move around a LOT trying to get the perfect picture…plus my camera is really heavy and I have small hands and arthritis. I try to move around my subject a bit, since prisms can be hard at first because you could get some really trippy effects in the camera, which some photographers don’t want, others may though, which is cool too! I will use the prism and show you both the trippy effect I got, and the plain cool one I got.

Literally took this from my phone to practice and I am in love.

These are actually photos of unicorn stickers with stars on them, and the bottom right one is an orange and an apple next to each other…..I would need to purchase a larger prism in order to use it again with my camera, since this one was so small, I think it worked better for my phone.

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