Start a garden using your scraps!

I absolutely hate throwing away scraps. Every single time I go to throw away any part of a vegetable or fruit that I chop off, for some reason I just wish that there is another way to use them, whether it’s to start a compost pile or I had always wished that I could literally just re grow everything. My fiance then told me, that I can take those scallions and place them in a jar with water and put them on a window sill. I was absolutely mind blown and while some of you already knew that you could do this, which, good for you and your knowledge, but I was COMPLETELY blown away!!!!! I then wanted to try and re grow literally every vegetable that I started purchasing.

I now have a collection of celery, scallions, bok choy, and leeks. The scallions are constantly growing out and they grow too tall within 1 week, so I always have a good supply. I use those for maybe 3 weeks, because eventually they start to get kind of slimy. ALWAYS change the water every few days and don’t forget to refill it when it dissapears.

The roots of these scallions are growing like crazy!! And we just cut these babies yesterday for our eggs! Cut as you need too, change the water every few days, and you’ll have an unlimited supply of scallions.

I also grow celery, I use it so often in my soups 🍲 that I just got tired of rebuying it. It does take awhile to regrow, I started off with mine in water and when it got tall and leafy I decided to plant it in the same pot as my basil plant.

As for my leeks, they started out so small since you cut them right at the end white part, but they grow so tall I had to switch jars yesterday!

And I just have all of these chilling on my window sill!!!!

They also just add a bit of green to my apartment and it makes us feel really at home and with nature. My next step is to regrow my romaine lettuce, an onion, garlic, and replant bok choy. It got way too hot out and humid and it wilted, sadly. I would like to keep this one inside and not place it outdoors and see how that works out.

So, stop wasting your scraps!!! Cut at the end, where the seed is, because there are seeds in literally everything (almost), and plant them in some water 💧 and just watch them grow! While your at it, grab some pots and plant all the seeds from your fruits, tomatoes, apples ect, and just see what works depending on where you live and the space you have to garden. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with an apple tree in your back yard.

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